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First Billionaire Profile: Mark Cuban

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Mark Cuban 1
Mark Cuban, 49. Worth $1.8 Billion 

To me, Mark Cuban is probably one of the most interesting billionaires out there.  This Internet veteran cashed in during to height of the Dot Com boom of the late 90’s.  In 1999, Mark Cuban and partner Todd Wagner sold their web company, to Yahoo for a staggering $5.04 Billion! 

Today he is the ‘down-with-the-fans’ owner of the Dallas Mavericks, NBA franchise.  Purchased in 2000, Mark has reportedly brought a new energy to the team and the fans: 

When Mark Cuban purchased the Dallas Mavericks on January 14, 2000, the face of the organization began to change immediately. Once again Mavericks games had a party atmosphere as Reunion Arena rocked with the return of the “Reunion Rowdies.” Mavericks games became more than just ordinary NBA games – they were a total entertainment experience. 

Before the Billions:

One of the reasons why I like I like Mark Cuban, and choose him to be the first Billionaire Profile, is because we have similar backgrounds.  🙂   

  • He grew up to middle class parents. Check

  • First entrepreneurial project came at the age six: 10 for me. He sold plastic refuse bags to pay for his expensive sneakers.  I sold Pirated Cassette tapes (Hey, what did I know at ten?) to friends to pay for my own radio.

  • Had a string of similar projects throughout school.  Check.  He gave dance lessons, did party promotions and more.  I was a mobile DJ who regularly had to plan the party I was playing at.

  • He was fired from his first job! In shame I have to admit the same happened to me.  He worked at a computer shop and was axed because he opened the store too late.  I was fired because I took an extra day’s leave to study for a test at Varsity, without applying for the extra leave in writing!

  • He went on to make a career on the Internet. Check.

Now, if I could have the Billions in common with the guy!

The Road to the Billions: 

He co-founded in 1995.  As the name says, they were on the fore-front of net Broadcasting and streaming.    You know how they say you have 20/20 vision in hind sight? Well, Mark had the greatest insight.  Selling his company at the highest crest of the dot com wave, right before that bubble eventually burst.  

$5.04 Billion in Yahoo stock for a company that had 333 employees and had annual revenue of $100 million!  

After the Billions:  Today he runs his Mavericks, being their biggest (and richest) fan.  He produces movies, runs theatres and Internet social networks, keeps a blog and has ventured into another project:  HDTV.  He co-owns HDNet, a cable network, broadcasting only HDTV programming. 

He remains a spirited character that is not afraid to criticize. Internet giants like Google and YouTube were the the more recent recipients. Google acquired YouTube for $1 Billion in 2006. Not that dissimilar transaction from his with Yahoo…  All things considered; I would like to quote Mark in his interview with VH1’s “The fabulous life of…”:   

“When I die, I want to come back as myself”

Nakutepipi – Buying the ultimate in tranquility, Billionaire style

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Nakutepipi Beach

Imagine sitting on a beach, sipping cocktails watching the sun dip slowly into the water.  The tranquility washes over you as you listen to the palm tree’s leaves rustle above you.  You look to your left: not a soul to be seen.  To your right: Your partner and no one else.  You’re on an island.  Not just any vacation hotspot; this is your own private island.  Every person on the island is either sharing your beautiful beach house with you, or working for you.  No annoying vacationing families with their noisy children running around.  No waiting in queues at buffets in over-booked hotels. No advanced booking necessary or having to listen to the elderly pensioner that would like to show you yet more pictures of her 18 grandchildren. 

This place is yours.  Whenever you feel like it, you fly to your yacht, and cruise to your own private tranquility.  Or if that is not fast enough, you fly to your island in your own private jet and land on the islands’ private landing strip.

Aerial view of Nakutepipi

Islands are the ultimate in fantasy spending.  Forget mega-yachts, trips to space, the sports teams or the private Boeing 747; islands are where it’s at.  Priced from $3 – $300 million, an island is the getaway that any Billionaire needs. As the first entry in the series dedicated to islands; we look at Nakutepipi, a little private jewel that is currently on the market for $8 million.  This natural atoll is situated close to Tahiti and Bora-Bora in the French Polynesian Islands.

Nakutepipi map 01

Since Billionaires hates sloppy seconds, this island is the perfect blank canvass. It has not been fully developed and has all the right ingredients to be the most perfect island.  Nakutepipi has its own landing strip, has several small bungalows and a house, a great lagoon and enough space to enjoy water sports. Apart from this, the island is perfect for a billionaire to mould into his/her own little private haven, where the busy, outside world won’t disturb you… that’s till you switch on your satellite phone…

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Portabello-By-The-Sea Estate – 3rd most expensive home in the USA

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Portabello Estate 01

This entry is actually a follow-up from my one of my other blogs:  Lifestyles of the Rich, where I did an article on the four most expensive homes in the USA and Updown Court, the most expensive home on sale in the world.

Portabello Estate, aka, Portabello-by-the-sea, is situated in Southern California’s sunny Carona Del Mar area.  Situated on three exclusive beachfront lots, this contemporary designed home is selling for a staggering $75 million!  This is truly a Billionaire’s home.

One correction on the clip:  It’s the 3rd most expensive home on the market.  Donald Trump’s Florida Mansion is currently on the market for $125 million

 The Estate was recently featured on Oprah, and it’s easy to see why Oprah would dedicate a section in her show to this beautiful piece of Real Estate.  The property opens a door of never-before-seen-luxury and unheard-of amenities. 

Portabello 02

Nine Zero’s – What does it mean to be a Billionaire?

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1,000,000,000.  It’s the natural progression from being a millionaire.  But most millionaires would kill to become one. 

Let’s put things into perspective for you:

  1. There are more than 3 million (US Dollars) Millionaires in the world.
  2. But only 793 Billionaires (US Dollar)
  3. 47% of them live in the USA
  4. If you meet 1,000,000 people in your life, you stand a 0.13% chance of meeting a billionaire.

They are part of the small and very elite part of the world.  But what is not small, is their combined wealth:  $2.6 trillion!  This is enough money to buy everything and everyone in Germany and have enough change left to buy Kenya! 

Billionaire Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft and World’s richest person, generates more money, while he is sleeping, than most successful Hollywood actors would earn for a movie that takes months to shoot.

These 793 people are my inspiration.  In this blog, I’ll do profiles on them, give you an idea how they became rich and what they spend their money on.  I’ll highlight my favourite Millionaires that I believe could become a Billionaire.  Mostly, this will be fun, inspiring reading.  The posts are meant to inspire you to go for more in your life; do not become disgrunteled by what they own or make.  No matter how old you are, there is always a way to join the list.  Texan Billionaire Mark Cuban, 48, started his company, in 1995 and sold it in 1999 for $5.7 Billion.  Four Years.  Dream big.